Sunday, August 19, 2012


Soon, we will be heading south of the equator and we will forget everything that has to do with pants and long sleeves for a while...!!:)))White sand beaches, oh here we come! Vacation mode on!!!:)
Love Z&M

TOP SHOP pants, Gap top, H&M  heels and accessories 

Calvin Klein boyfriend jeans, Forever 21 button down ,Zara shoes, H&M clutch
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Friday, August 17, 2012


Silver...the color of precious metal, the color of the moon and most definitely the color of our summer... Here we are slowly saying good bye to all the metallics brightening up our summer but will oh so eagerly lead us straight to fall...:)
Love Z&M

Vintage Silk Tank Top, H&M pants and clutch, ZARA scarf and heels

H&M top , clutch and cuffs, Top Shop skirt, Zara heels

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We all have them...those moments when we want to look soft,chaste, innocent and feminine...and then other times we just want to rebel, play with male/female lines, not worry about fashion nor form and just have fun... And so we did too!!!Here we have it: the soft versus rough, feminine versus masculine,ballerina versus rocker chick...choose your own antagonistic pairing and have as much fun as we did!!!:)
Love Z&M

REBEL LOOK: DIY vest, vintage silk tank top, club monaco pants, L.A.M.B. HEELS,ZARA clutch, ALDO necklace, watch and glasses, H&M cuff
DRESSED UP LOOK: H&M dress and jewelry, ZARA heels and clutch, ALDO glasses

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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Few things scream summer as much as bold colors and "sailor-boy-inspired" stripes...:) What else could we say other than "Anchors aweigh!":))
Love Z&M!!!

Striped look: UK2LA top, ASOS skirt,H&M clutch,heels and jewelry, ALDO glasses
Colorful look: H&M jacket and clutch, REPLAY tank top, AMERICAN APPAREL high wasted skinny jeans, BERSHKA pumps

Monday, August 6, 2012


This is us, the true essence of our individual styles. One likes the rougher, eclectic play on stylistic genres while the other is an eternal devotee of the basic classical lines that exude elegance and class... We hope you enjoy it... Love Z&M

Banana Republic dress
Zara heels and clutch
H&M jewelry and glasses

Cheap Monday Jeans
DIY vest
H&M top, heels and glasses
Zara clutch
Vintage necklace
Aldo watch

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Thursday, August 2, 2012


There we have it! July is behind us! 31 days and 12 outfits later we are meeting August in all it's sunny glory..Let's bring on the bikinis, white sand beaches and tropical concoctions....!:) Yes, in a few weeks .. we will! And we can't wait!Have a great weekend our fellow stylish comrades! Love Z&M

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