Thursday, June 5, 2014


LEFT : ZARA white cropped top and white skirt and HANDMADE FASCINATOR by us
RIGHT : RACHEL ROY dress and SHIP HEAD PIECE by designer Sofia Maria Gobbato
PHOTOGRAPHY : Courtesy of Mario Szabo Photography 
PHOTOGRAPHY : Mario Szabo Photography

                                    Well, after what seem like eternity ....we are back on the blog and more than happy                                to do so ! :) 
 A lot has happened in the last month and a half ! Some wonderful things and some horrible things such as the tragic and disastrous floods in the Balkans where we were born and raised and where our families are from :(  
                  The consequences of the floods are tragic and thousands and thousands of people lost EVERYTHING ! The waters are receding but the long lasting effects will be felt for decades...
Our prayers are with the strong and courageous people of all the countries affected...! 

          On the brighter note, here are -finally, some of the photos from the Vancouver Fashion Week  F/W 2014 Opening Gala. The fashion week was fantastic and we were blown away with some of the
designers that presented this year...We are excited to show you more photos in the posts to come !
We hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday !

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