Tuesday, March 10, 2015


DIY handmade fascinator/cocktail hat by us
ZARA faux leather cropped  top
H&M conscious high-low black skirt
ZARA black strappy heels
DIY handmade clutch by us 

Weddings are a perfect time to have fun with fashion and creativity!
If one cannot have fun and experiment a bit with their wedding reception look
- when can they...?
That has always been the case with us at least...:) 
In this case, we were inspired by Philip Treacy and by Lady Gaga and
perhaps by some sexy solder from outer space....?
In either case, wearing this unique and brave outfit was a lot of fun and we hope you 
like it too ! 
Have a wonderful day everyone ! 

Vencanja su savrsena prilika da se eksperimentise sa modom i kreativnoscu!
To je barem uvek bio slucaj sa nama! 
Ovoga puta kao inspiracija je posluzio dizajener Philip Treacy, ekcentricnost Lady Gage
i mozda neka od dama iz futuristickih stripova.. :) 
Usvakom slucaju, nadamo se da vam se dopada. 

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